Beer of Last Nite- SN Bigfoot

I was going to rate this one last nite but the forum was acting up so I didnt. So, like I didn't take notes, and I forgot everything... It's a damn good barleywine, 9.6% abv, big pine/resin hop nose, sweet sugary/alcohol ester body, quite a bitter finish. This is the 2004, could use some aging. I'm going to buy more. Here's some crappy pictures.

Beer Education-

Barleywine is the term for the strongest beer a brewery makes, both in flavor and in alcohol %. The style can be quite varied- most have a strong IPA like hoppiness (Hog Heaven, Bigfoot, Old Guardian), and some have very little hops at all (Fish Tale Leviathan). The alcohol is generally 9%+ (Old Crusty is 13% I think) and can't help but be a factor in the flavor. Some are rough in this aspect (like Old Crusty) and some are very smooth, like a fine port wine (Leviathan). They generally taste better after some aging, and can continue to age for several years.

It's one of my favorite styles, I recommend you all check it out.

ah haven't seen DFH's yet, I'll have to look around for that. Their specialty stuff is quite rare on this side of the country. I heard the OG was good, I went to get some and BevMo was sold out. Damn slackers.

hehe actually I have tons, I live about 20 miles from the brewery. I don't get out to buy much though, I'm making myself drink what I already have before I start hording...

sure sounds like it tastes good, but isn't it like drinking weight gainers?

macdawg- it's rich stuff for sure. Just do extra cardio :)

got to be in the mood for barley wine. the anchor steam barley wine is better. i think its old fogger or something like that

old foghorn, ya. I've definately had better BW's than Bigfoot, but it's good stuff.