"Beer" Review: Tequiza

Ok, I decided I wanted to try something a little different. Beer with Blue Agave and Lime.....

Well, don't bother with it. Don't get me wrong, its not bad.....

....if you're a girl. Its just too sweet and not enough BEER flavor.

But, if you wanna get in a college chicks pants, I imagine this is the beer to go with

Don't think it's even actually a beer.

whatever it is, it has the strangest aftertaste I've ever experienced.

tastes like the inside of an anus

In the style of the esteemed Meathook Jones

Clear bottle with yellow paper label. Label is peeling off due to water solubility of the glue. This pours out an almost transparent yellow, remeniscent of pee after I forgot to take my vitamins. Pours thin, almost gaseous. No foam, but many large bubbles covering the surface of the glass. Minimal lacing, although upward streams of bubbles are readily visible throughout the transparent piss water. I'd attempt to flee for the surface, too. The aroma is made up of ass, fruity pebbles and a well used urinal in Chi-Chis. There is also a stench of low grade tequila rising from the glass. The taste is urine with a cloying fruity sweetness, not so much lime as lime lollipop. The after taste is indescribable. If you were to get bombed on tequila, and then urinate into a pitcher of Mountain Dew, then strain the resulting concoction through Manny Yarborogh's used jock strap, you might have a comparable flavor. Mouthfeel is great, if you like the feel of water in your mouth.

I recomend sampling the water soluble glue as a preferable alternative.

That is much better than my own review.....

(and more accurate!)

That is brilliant.

hahahah i was a sophmore in high school when they came out with this beer, i went to lake havasu for spring break that year, and that was all we drank, god was it aweful

the review actually makes me want to drink some