Before you vax, understand

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What was happening there?

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Google/facebook/twitter/etc have crossed the line into being unambiguously evil. It’s not an exaggeration or a figure of speech anymore.

Congrats to them, I am now at the point where I approach any and all mainstream information from the starting point of “this is bullshit propaganda.” They have completely destroyed whatever bit of trust that may have been left.


It has been reposted to bitchute:

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The suppression of the cure for COVID-19 continues in favor of the great experiment on humanity.

Insanity. Regardless of your opinions on Covid, Dr. Kory is as legit as they come. Big Tech is completely fucking out of control.


I’m ready

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No, they’re COMPLETELY controlled.

This IS the effort to eradicate & subjugate large populations under a global order.

I think it’s pretty damn obvious at this point that the tech companies are clearly acting under influence and direction from the government.


What I dont get about the conspiracy theory is, if the vaccine is a ploy to cull the herd why would they use it against so many Americans? Wouldn’t we want to push it on everyone else?

Who was President Xi, Trump, Putin and others taking their orders from?

It’s more like getting repeat customers IMO.

  1. It’s not a “theory”.

  2. Do you folks study geopolitics?

China bought America. They have 1/5 of the planets population.
America’s leaders are stupid and greedy.
This is laid out clearly in communist manfestos widely available.
The average American middle class sits in a mansion with 1.3 children needing help from Indian IT experts to troubleshoot Windows in their own language, and can’t harvest a seed.
Take a giant step back & look at the history of wars, migration, and the collective intelligence of America.
The average Ecuadorian villager can see more clearly what’s happening to America without the luxury of internet.