Beginner MT workout? Help plz...

I organised a beginner boxing/MT workout for some people at work, and now they want to do it a regular weekly thing. Ive been doing boxing/MT for several years but no instructing, can someone please help me out with some simple exercises that I can put toghether for a one hour program.

Come on...

If you've been in an organized class you should have some ideas.

  1. Brief warmup (running, shadow boxing) and stretch
  2. Basic instruction on punching/kicking or new techniques, then practice said instruction in the air or with a partner
  3. Ab or other conditioning work
  4. Stretch

Something along those lines.

truewrestler is correct,

make sure you mix things up though...then gradually progress them into an advanced muay thai routine...

-Jump rope for three rounds to warm up: 12 minutes

-Stretches for 10 minutes (dynamic) with Shadow boxing

-Techniques: 15 minutes: focus on a couple of techniques, and pair people up to practice.

-Pad work: 2- 3 rounds 12+ minutes

-Finish with ab work/ pull ups/ push ups and static Stretches: 10 minutes

Also, there is a book by Chris Delp available on Amazon that outlines a typical 1 hour MT workout (similar to above)

Thanks but I was thinking along the lines of combinations and drills.