Beginner's 1st grappling tourney?

Hey all,

I am a complete beginner to BJJ/sub wrestling-having only a few (about a month) formal classes, several seminar experiences, and a decent amount of but sporatic "in dojo" practice (my karate dojo, not bjj dojo) of basics.

I am toying with the idea of entering a grappling tournament just to challenge myself and jump start my grappling practice. I am not deluded to think I will have any success and I do not mind tapping at all. I have no ego when it comes to that. I would definitely be in a beginner's division...I just want to see where I stand...

Is this a bad idea? Can any good come from it?

Any thoughts are appreciated!


If you don´t mind losing then I don´t see why not. It´ll be a learning
experience, and later on when you get good then you might be less
likely to choke in a tournament setting on account of already having
been there. Just remember to tap so as not to get injured.

Thanks for the response! I am DEFINITELY thinking of it as a learning experience!


I did my first tournament after 10 bjj classes. I knew I wasn't ready so I had nothing to lose. It was a great learning experience and I met some really cool people.

be sure to go in your experience level. i would do a local tourny first as I have seen personally bad experiences with people in large tournys like grapplers quest for example... bad choice for 1st timer because of the sandbaggers and wanna be tough guys in the beginner and novice divisions... alot of them are flat out lieing about the 'lack of experience'

but anyway, most important is just go enjoy the scene have a great time and watch and learn.

I always tell new people that when you win you get 10% better but when you lose you get 90% better...

Remember, EVERYONE here started were you are right now so if they can do it no reason why you cant