beginning of raw was AWFUL

Just now watching raw. Can someone please explain to me why Stephanie was even involved in this? Is it cause she loves being on camera? And why in God's name did she have a microphone? I read the raw play by play on here and how cringeworthy it is but yes, good lord was she cringeworthy. And why is she talking like a babyface telling Kane to stop like she loves Bryan now?

Also can we talk about how good Bri Bella looked at the beginning of raw as well? I think its the most gorgeous I've ever seen here baw gawd.

Because Steph "unleashed" the monster and felt super bad about it Phone Post 3.0

Trips needed to save his bang for the Evolution/Shield skit. Nobody else to represent the "Authority."

Kane coming back as the monster meant they couldn't have him on the mike.

With D-Bryan's father passing away, he still insisted on appearing on Raw to get the match with Kane over (true fucking pro). They needed a quick way to write him off the TV for the next few weeks, and also WWE wanted to get him out of the building quick to get him home.

The abortion they did with Steph was their best idea.

It honestly looked like Daniel was in no shape to cut a promo, he barely was holding together going out with the finger pointing with Brie by his side, Steph was doing all the talking to spare him from having to.

Even though they just got married I still found it odd that Brie was out there with Bryan but in hindsight I'm guessing she was there to help him through the segment. Phone Post 3.0

Sofa King Cool - That was bad TV. I was embarrassed watching it. I don't know specifically what made the segment so terrible, but I think it was the bad acting by Stephanie. No, that was definitely it. Plus, it didn't make sense. Like two weeks ago her husband handcuffed him and beat the fuck out of him while she pointed and laughed. But now she's sympathetic? What the fuck? Who writes this dogshit? The whole thing was one of the worst segments I can remember, and I've been watching the program for a very long time. Phone Post 3.0
This exactly, hateful one week now sympathetic lol Phone Post 3.0

Stephanie was trying to come off sympathetic, but the fact she did nothing but stand there and give half hearted "Kane... Stop... You bastard" followed by "lets give him a WARM round of applause" told me this was what she wanted.

That's kind of why I love the authority and heel triple h in general. Their whole persona is trumpeting what's "best for business" and trying to give off the idea that they're heroes. But it's all underlined by cowardly acts and trying to hold down wrestlers who are clearly best for business.

Little different from the Vince "I'm the boss, I do what I want and I'll fire your ass" That was perfect for that time. And I think in this Internet age, the authority are the perfect foil for the fans. They know what we want and they tells us it won't happen until it finally does Phone Post 3.0

I feel like Stephanie was trying too hard to be insincere. Phone Post 3.0