begotten son...your thoughts

...and prayers as my wife will be having my "begotten son" this monday! he's a big guy and has been beating up her insides (kicks, punches, front and back rolls). He's a little samson. Or a big one, that's why there inducing!

Thanks! Might not be on for a while unless everyone is asleep. I'm excited!

I would be too. Hope everything goes well.

Since I might not be on as much for the next few weeks...(although he's scheduled for next week)...thanks to everyone that replies even if you haven't yet!

Good luck.

Right on brother! Good luck and keep us posted!


Just remember; the staff at the hospital are working for you. You pay their pay-check you are their boss. You may be suprised at the way they treat you.

God, watch over the chick and the hen and most of all the rooster. In the name of the Son, amen!

-Tom Bombadil

I know we are not the best of buds rooster, but I wish you and your wife the best. I hope everything goes well for you and your family. CONGRATULATIONS!

Thanks to all of you...we are due this coming monday...just to reiterate! I appreciate everyone's nice messages!

Good luck rooster! I will pray for the health of your new child, and your wife.

Just remember to bask in the glow of the graces that Our Lord is about to pour down on your family! What an awesome experience this will be for you. All my best wishes to you and yours.

Thanks man! It's really a miracle to see your own child born!

this is a mazel tov!