behind neck presses...

why does everybody keep doing them if they are so dangerous?

are they really the best exercise for shoulders?

how do you like them, find any pain in your shoulders ir neck after or during? high or low reps?

"why does everybody keep doing them if they are so dangerous?" Because not everyone knows that they can be bad for the shoulder joint(s). Also, because a lot of people do them for a long time with no problems at all, and therefore........not everyone knows that they can be bad for the shoulder joint(s).

"are they really the best exercise for shoulders?" No.

Best in Health and Training, J. R.

What do you recommend to do instead?

so what are the best shoulder excercises anyway?

or some ways to increase shoulder flexability would be great too

I used to believe it was a dangerous exercise that should never be performed because I would go too heavy on them. Now, I incorporate them from time to time with about 70% of the weight I use on front presses and have no shoulder problems as a result. Any exercise can be a dangerous exercise if you don't understand and respect its potential for danger or if you are susceptible to injury in certain bodyparts.

I once saw some moron in the gym doing BEHIND THE NECK INCLINE BENCH PRESSES!

It was not a pleasant sight!

sounds like a complex movement, how much weight was he using?


I can't even picture that.

That is the crazy part! He was using a good amount of weight. It looked like it put alot of strain on him and it looked like his arms were going to pop out of socket!

Assuming you have adequate range of motion in the shoulder complex i think they are usually fine.

Most of my athletes perform this movment as well as behind neck push press, behind neck jerks, and oh squats. They all require adequate range of motion.

thank you
Coach Hale

I stopped doing them recently after having problems with my left shoulder, and I really hadn't been doing them long.

What did I replace them with? Pull/chin ups. I swear to god I have gained more strength, size and shape in my back/chest/shoulders/biceps in 2 weeks of chins than I have in 2 months of weights. They are just fucking awesome.

chins, press ups, sit ups, dips, squats... is there anything else you really need?

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