Behind the scenes Fight Week w/ Nick Diaz

Tuesday night was movie & yardhouse night and Chris Cope came along to chill. Later that night we met up with Nick Diaz at the gym for a workout & a swim, followed by late night dinner at Kaizen Sushi. Can you BELIEVE Nick can do the splits like this?

Click the link or photo below to view the pics..

TTT please

So these photos are from yesterday?

zub Phone Post

Thanks Tracy Phone Post


In!!! War Diaz Phone Post

Btw nice abs in that pic!!! No romo Phone Post

Jamiee - So these photos are from yesterday?

they're from Tuesday night, oops... after the movies I met up with them..

holy fuck!!!



why doesnt diaz wear a swim cap? that chlorine is gonna kill his glorious hair line! (no homo)