Behring Alberta Cup...

Arashi-Do would like to invite you all to Red Deer this Sunday December 7th for the 1st Behring Alberta Cup.

Weigh in's will begin at 11:00am and the fights will start at 12.00pm

This is a short notice tournament but there are some people who did not make it to "Let's Roll" last weekend and there are some people who just want to fight! So this show is just a nice little smoker to get things going.

The Behring Cup Series will be hosted once per month from December 7th, untill June 2004 when we will have the "Grand Championships". The dates will be finalized and more info will be announced next week.

How it works!

Competitors will be awarded points witch will be recorded and talied over the five shows, the top 8 fighters at the end of the series will go on to the "Grand Championships" in June 2004. The winner will be the "Behring Alberta Cup Grand Champion".

The Goal of the "Behring Alberta Cup" is to bring up the level of BJJ in Alberta and compete againts other Provinces across Canada and perhaps, in the future with lots of hard work, we could send whomever may become the "National" Champion, to Brazil! Maybe train with professor Sylvio Behring, and compete in the Mundials, the World Brazilian jiu-Jitsu Championships.

We understand there is a long road ahead but, I'v been doing martial arts for 24 years now, and Gary Vig, who is a major influence in this endevor, has been at it just as long so, we don't see any reason why we can't accomplish this goal. All we need is your support.

cost will be $25 for Gi and No-Gi and you will be asured several matches.

I will make another post tomorow with more details.

Thank you,

Jason St-Louis

Day after SUAF. Might have limited attendance. I know a lot of people going to that.

btw, did you win absolute on the 29th? I was the kid you helped Chad to corner who fucked up and gave his ankle then had no clue what to do :)



This is a great idea. Having a true bjj/subgrp "season". BTW, Mike Yakiluk won the absolute.

Jason, do we have to be at this one in order to enter the season?


Sounds like an excellent idea. Don't know if I'll be able to make it, but will do my best.

Adress? Times?

This is going to be HUGE, it's just what the sport needs, a set on and off season. Think how much better you can get grappling different people every month, AND geting to know all the other poeple getting into the sport.

On of the things I hate about Tournaments the amount of time it takes to catch up with others you haven't seen in 6 months.

Good luck, Me and the Boys will be there.
Mike Yackulic

hey Mike which guys are planning on competing?

will there be a trophy??

Hey Brian, I'm gonna try to bring out a bunch of begginers, great opportunity for them to get some less stressful tournament experience. I'll be there and I'm sure I'll have a couple other advanced guys for ya.

ttt for Behring in Alberta

Hi guys and girls,

Gary Vig here,

We realize that this Sunday's event is being held on really short notice and due to that, this event is considered a "pre-season warm-up" event that will allow competitors to get exposed to the rules and so forth.

The meets will all be round robin type events allowing competitors to maximize thier competition experience in a relatively short amount of time.

The Grand Championships in July will be a seeded single elimination tournament that will result in awarding the undisputed Alberta Provincial champion.

We are hoping that other provinces will follow suit and have legitimate provincial championships allowing Canada to be one of the few nations outside of Brazil with National champions.

Any suggestions and feedback would be greatly appreciated.

I hope we'll see you on Sunday, ...Stand by for the entire spring schedule of Behring Cup Tournaments.


i'm not going to be competeing unfortunately...finals are in a week and i haven't had a ton of time to train...but hopefully once those are past then i can jump back into the circuit

One suggestion off the top of my head is have more than 1 match going on, and have warmup mats.

Simple suggestions I know, just things I've noticed.

Sounds great, looking forward to entering the circuit.


We will have at least 2 matches on and I'm sure there will be plenty of practice mat space as the 1st series is at my gym. (About 3000 sq. feet of 2 inch thick judo style least after they come in next week.)


There are no weight classes and no skill divisions in the actual season?

In the Bjj divisions there will be belt classes and weight clases, and in No-gi, experience class and weight classes.

The Bjj classes will mirror the Mundials as closely as possible.

We'll post a comprehensive list of rules and regulations soon.


It's great to see you guys working on that goal! I'm sure this idea will help people to have a chance to come down to Brazil and train with our best fighters, instructors and professors.

Yesterday I had gradding at Winner Behring for the whole day and it started at 9:00am to 10:30am, 12:00 to 1:30pm, 4:30 to 6pm, 6pm to 7:30pm, 7:30pm to 9pm, 9:30pm to 10:30pm and 11:pm to 0:15!!!!!!!!

More than 150 people checked!!!

Fabricio Werdum, Alexandre Fortis and Mario Reis did get the Professor's stripes at the end of red bar.

Four new brown belts: Jorge Keller, Fabiano Mendes, Igor Domingues and Rafael Azambuja.

Two purple: Andreas Hemesat and Paulo Lanes.

Nine blue belts: Rodrigo Soares, Marcos Lansor, Ronaldo Dresh, Edgard Figueiro, Rodrigo Marques, Mauricio Pieretti, Adelar Gomes, Eduardo Vaz and Jaime Mattos.

And four yellow belts: Arthur Pieretti, Laurinha, Lucas and Matheus!

I'm very happy today!!!

Now I'm going to Mario Reis's academy to check his students...

Great idea. Can I buy some points or maybe win some if I roll up my rim?

ttt... well i might come up now.