Being anti-gun is just white privilege

I think I get it.  When you live in nice neighborhoods where the cops come when called.  When the cops don’t seem as dangerous to you as the criminals.  When you have money, status and power, the idea that a poor, uneducated brown person could have the same power over life and death as you do must be terrifying.  

When the idea that mass shooter could come shatter your safe little world, and suddenly you need to deal face to face with the reality that you’ve struggled to isolate yourself from is your biggest existential threat then it all makes sense.  

Liberals by and large suffer from the worst sort of echo chamber elitism.  When they sit in their ivory towers and tell others to eat cake.  So while they’re telling us how safe we are, how we don’t need any protection, how the powers that be are on our side, maybe they need to look in the mirror and check their privilege.   

Gun deaths are an epidemic! Mass shootings are an epidemic! YOU don't need a gun though, look at the statistics! You are more likely to be bitten by a shark in a tornado than need a gun! Ignore the CDC statistics on defensive gun uses! Weeeeee consistency! 

Guns have been easy to get since the founding of America, but we just recently started getting school shooters. You think maybe there's another factor causing this besides guns? I might've cringed more today from small-minded nonsense, than any day in my life