"Being Asian in the US is Terrifying"

Korean gamer Lee Eui-seok describes racism in US: ‘Being Asian here is terrifying’

  • People in Texas ‘cough on us’, shout racist slurs and keep trying to pick fights, says the Overwatch player, who competes for Dallas Fuel
  • Lee says he goes out in his esports jersey hoping that people won’t bother him as much when they realise he is on a team

Agence France-Presse

Agence France-Presse


Published: 12:50am, 9 Apr, 2021

South Korean

professional video gamer has described the “unspeakable” racism he has suffered while based in Texas in a clip that has gone viral on social media, sparking condemnation of the abuse.

The United States has seen a surge in anti-Asian violence in the past year, which activists have blamed on former president

Donald Trump’s

rhetoric, especially his repeated description of Covid-19 as the “China virus”.

Lee Eui-seok, who plays the game


for the team Dallas Fuel under the name Fearless, said in a Q&A on streaming platform Twitch that this was the first time he was experiencing such racism.“Being Asian here is terrifying,” the 22-year-old said. “People keep trying to pick fights with us … There’s even people who cough on us. They’ll deliberately cough on us. They’ll [curse at us] … while laughing.”
“The racism here is no joke.”
A clip from the broadcast was posted with English subtitles on Twitter on Tuesday by Jade “swingchip” Kim, a Korean gamer and manager of the team Florida Mayhem.In his broadcast, Lee said one way he avoids the abuse is by going outside in his team’s jersey.
“Sometimes … I wear my team uniform around on purpose,” he said.
“If I have my jersey on, I think they realise we’re part of some kind of team so they don’t bother us as much.”

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Ho Lee Fuk

Sum Ting Wong



He should see what it’s like in general to live there.

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Yeah ok…

The American Japanese citizens had that problem after pearl harbor.

We put them in camps and Protected them.

Do Asian Americans want us to protect them?

Now that everyone knows Karate is bullshit no one is afraid of them anymore



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I don’t trust Asians. They’re supposed to be good at math, but my wife always seems surprised when her credit card bill arrives.


Than go back home to Korea you fucking whiner.

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I was showing this thread to my Asian friends and they were kind of shocked. I told them to be careful and to travel in groups whenever possible.

Live in Texas and my best friend since 7th grade is asian. I know a shit ton of Asians through him and have never heard anything remotely close to this in my entire life.

I’m not saying that it has never happened but I’ve never seen or heard of anyone in my entire life try to pick a fight or “cough” on someone because they are Asian.

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Seems like the problem is blacks and flyover country, not suprising.

I miss the vote down/report feature. Despite the mountain of incontrovertible evidence and incidents of anti-Asian hate crimes, harassment and violence, we have the colorblind, witless OG scholars and comedians saying otherwise. And of course there’s the obligatory “My friend(s) are/I know a lot of Asians…”. All this thread needs now is In Limbo to chime in and downplay the accusation/incident and white knight for the perpetrators to make this thread complete!


Did this pussy come across a racist? Sure. Is that idiot he came across representative of the average? Absolutely not. Get fucked with this bullshit narrative faggot.


Can we trade Hong Kong citizens for woke leftists?


Who is committing the overwhelming majority of these anti Asian hate crimes? Hint it’s the same demographic responsible for the rising anti Semitic hate crimes.

Americans are so racist the single most successful demographic group by race and ethnicity are Asians.


Is he asian like fedor?

Most hate crimes in the US are done by minorities to other minorities.