Being selective about Royce's ...


Ok, so the anti-Royce brigade harped on about the 'school bus' remark, and how it made some of them lose all respect for Royce, BJJ, blah, blah.

Allow me to selectively choose from his post fight interview:

"He's a very tough opponent. He's very strong, very tough."

"He's an expert in grappling, a world champion, an Olympic champion, and an open-weight champion in Japan. He knows how to defend. It's not easy to catch him. He's strong, he knows what he's doing."

"Right after the fight, I told him, "Now I respect you." He took a beating like a man. Now I can sleep at night: he can sleep. We put a rock on top of this. Now it's done"

Message: read the entire interview for the whole story .

good stuff