Belak vs. Langdon...

Good long scrap..maybe give Belak a slight edg...WTF am I saying?...Belak got smoked,and sent to the Hospital with three concussions...that's the way I saw it anyways.peace

tf? pics? or video(preferably)

It was just on HNIC...I'll try to post a link if I see it on any fight sites.

Langdon took on, crap i forget now..He beat someone up good last week too lol.

*pops another brew*


Belak won easily... he was throwing jabs non stop along with bombs... not that every one of them landed cause he just just couldn't reach some of them... but Langdon's face proved the winner.

was a good one, long, Belak took the time half way through take off Langdon's helmet and continue to throw down

was cool.. all smiles after the fight, Langdon skated away with a minor cut on the side of his eye and an obvious sore nose as he nursed it

btw, 4-2 T.O :)

Sundin got the winning goal with a beauty shot ;) lol, off of a Montreal stick and up over Jose's shoulder

"but Langdon's face proved the winner"

If you watched after, Langdon had no cuts in the box, the blood was from Belak's hand, after he landed a haymaker on the helmet

I'll see if i can put it up on the net, Belak threw more, about 3 land flush, Langdon landed a couple, one that stood Belak up straight

Was a good fight none the less, i thought Tucker was going ot get into it with Souray, i think Tucker would have been picking his teeth up after that one

Belak by close decision. Was a good one with Belak landing more at the start and really having Langdon's arm tied up well. Eventually Langdon got free, after eating a few, and started to land some of his own. He landed a few that looked like they hurt Belak and a big left hook that stood him up. Overall a good long hockey scrap between two tough guys but I give the slight edge to Belak.

By they way did anyone else see Jim Cummins get set on his ass twice last night in the aves games. After the second fight he just came out of the penalty box and jumped the other guy and was kicked out of the game. Fuckin Cummins, lol, he's a gamer for sure.

I don't think Cummins wins many fights.... i saw the first scrap, Brennan hit him from behind and was landing punches before Cummins even got up, fell asleep though and didn't see what he did later on in the game

Worrel should have beat the piss out of Brennan the next shift, you don't let your teammates get jumped like that, whether they are a tough guy or not

"Langdon had no cuts in the box, the blood was from Belak's hand,"


I was watching part of the Ducks and Aves the other night and Worrell pussied out of a scrap. Usually the big meathead just skates around looking for it. This Burnett character from the Ducks is calling him on from the face off and even dropped a glove. Worrell just stands there and Burnett grabs him and pushes him and gets two minutes. When he sees he's getting two minutes he gives Worrell about three shots to the face and Worrell just turns away. Burnett got four minutes and Worrell did help the club out but I wanted a scrap.

I don't know if they went later in the game as I ended up turning that shit off. I hope Worrell isn't pulling a Brasheur or Domi and thinking that he's an actual player now and not a fighter.

Sounds like Worrell has caught a case of the brashear. Speaking of brashear, anyone see him puss out like the bitch he is against Tamer in the Thrashers game a few days ago? It was pretty pathetic.

I call him brasiere,because he is a boob...called him that even when he was in Van.clonts

"Langdon had no cuts in the box, the blood was from Belak's hand,"

Langdon must be like fucking wolverine or something then, becuase they showed him go to the box, wipe his face and there was no blood anymore

I was agreeing .. came off wrong

"I was agreeing .. came off wrong"

I was just sayin what i saw, my eyes aren't always that great, specially when drinking

I don't know how those guys do it, i watched the habs game tonight saw langdon up close, not a mark on his face, fuckers have leather for skin, if i ever got him like that i would be black and blue

I saw Brasheur back down form Tamer the other night too, like hellfire mentioned above. He went at Tamer and looked at him like he wanted to go. Tamer drops a glove and grabs onto him and Brashuer wants no part of it and just stands there. Tamer should have fed him a couple just for playing the role. You pull that shit, when you are a legit heavyweight, and you deserve to get a few in the face. Leave that bullshit to the Darcy Tuckers of the world.

that's true fuck.. most street fights I see where two guys go hockey style trading punches like that, there faces are messed right up.. eye shut closed, face swollen all up

Just saw the Landon vs Belak clip, and that was one hell of a fight. Belak was really sticking it to Langdon early, but Langdon comes back later with some good shots of his own. Gotta give this one to Belak though.

here is a list of other fights they have: