Belal Muhammad wants fight with 'trash' Sean Strickland, middleweight fires back

Respect the call out but how did everyone go from thinking Sean KO’s Luke to Belal even having a chance?

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Wrong weight class

What did SS say about Palestine??

On the surface you could tell war machine was not mentally stable.

I think the big difference with Sean is he is a lot more self aware of who he is and doesn’t try and hide it.

I personally find SS to be a dirtbag but that’s just my opinion. I was just trying to be funny about the war machine. SS isn’t even close to war machines psychotic stratosphere. I was just hoping someone would got a chuckle out of it that’s all

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Hope he actually throws strikes.
He kinda forgot to against maia

Smoking that good stuff. Strickland overwhelms Belal on the feet for a finish.

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I dont think Strickland has any loose screws. He just comes off as an ignorant retard