Damn...even Cre wont go along with this.

 DQ maybe?

 Rich shouldn't have gone face down to the mat to try and avoid the follow up punches.

So, in closing, Wah.


 Isn't Monte Rich's manager?

"grasping at straws, imo"


King of LA - Typical mma cry baby. At one time blows to the back of the head were not only ok buy encouraged.

I am glad Vitor hit him in back of the head. Too bad it was not a Vale Tudo fight, Vitor would hve killed that bitch.

 Rich Franklin is no bitch.

 Its always been a stupid. unenforcable rule.

he's lucky thats all that happened.

Vitor was the more skilled fighter and that finished was so clean, Vitor was hitting the ears not the back of the head

drmmr - He hit him one time behind the head, and it didn't appear to be he clincher. The clincher was the left to the jaw when rich was scrambling. The rest was just reaction, killer instinct.

I seem to remember Rich Franklin nailing the Late Evan Tanner in the head a few times in the last sequence of their first fight.

If I were Rich's management, rewatch the tanner fight, and simply move on...

 eff yes! franklin laned some dirty punches in both his fights with tanner, straight to the back of the head, numerous times! now i hate rich franklin even more! its one things to hit a guy in the back of the head a bunch of times, its redicuous to complain when it happens to you once

there was only 1 punch to the back of the neck, Vitor pulled it and stopped hitting BEFORE the ref even jumped in... classy move by Vitor, He knew it was over

If the glove catches the ear at all its not back of the head. Very close. Plus Franklin turned his head when he was Koed

I wanna see someone come out walking backwards at their opponent and kicking like a mule....

Someone dial whine one one and get the WAAAAAHHH-mbulance in the Octagon right now!!!

Uncle Justice -  

“Fans are probably going to think it’s sour grapes."

No shit.

clean punches from front to back. mayyyyyybe one was borderline after franklin was already finished?

When you are in mid-punch, and the receiver turns his head, then yeah its inevitable.