Belfort receives Boxster Porsche as birthday gift

Source: Vitor Belfort receives Boxster Porsche as birthday gift

Damn, that's a nice ride. Vitor a lucky man. Beautiful car and a beautiful wife

Vitor is living it up in Florida. Pride of the Blackzilians. Phone Post

Chick car.

Ole ole ole ole vitor vitor! Phone Post

Boxster is a cheap mans porsche Phone Post

Phisher -

Chick car.

definately. Phone Post

Boxter is a great car but it is marketed as the lady porsche.

Perhaps his wife gave it to him expecting it to drive it erself haha

Like al bundy givin peggy a new bowling ball for her bday. Phone Post

Phisher - 

Chick car.

I bet both Jason Statham and James Bond drive a Porsche, and I know they get more pussy than either of us.

Also I am well aware of how odd it is to use a real person AND a fictional super spy as examples.

The new boxster appears to be a sublime car. People who say it is girly really don't have a clue.

People would say that the previous generation cayman wasn't a real porsche, after personally spending quite a bit behind the wheel of one I would have to disagree. Phone Post

Wow, Porsche really isn't protecting the 911 anymore. Impressive numbers from the bargain basement Porsche.

shatefak -
Phisher -

Chick car.

definately. Phone Post

I'm sure you guys would turn it down. Phone Post

Good on him =)

He ko'd Franklin to get that ÷( one of my favorite oldies. But it put him in the lineup for handy and Jones.

He deserves the house, missus, money and car , I just wish he'd shut up about god with every ko. Phone Post

Vitor29 - lol @ the haters posting as they sit at a red light in their '93 Chevy Cavaliers.


I wish they would bring back the 927. A 2013 version would be so badass.

Btw, did Vitors wife buy this present with Vitors money? lol.....ugh, gee thanks for the gift...

Phisher -

Chick car.

This. Lol I'd go with a 997 RS. Phone Post

thats a nice metal box. you humans are so superficial...

madvillain11 - thats a nice metal box. you humans are so superficial...

Lol good one, vtfu Phone Post

Vitors wide was probably looking at the 911, and said this thing goes how fast? fuck CARALHO!

I want to see any of your wives by you a 911, when they can get you something just as sporty looking, but tamed.