Belfort´s sister disapeared...

I read this on the Sherdig forum ,anyone here knows anything???


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Belfort´s sister disapeared...
I just saw on the brazilian TV, his sister disapeared on mysterious conditions, the channel was showing pictures of her, Joana Prado (Vitor´s wife) was talking with the host of the show by phone asking for any information about the girl, let´s all pray for his sister to return in safety (I just got the mid-end of the new).

Sorry about my english, and I will try to keep you guys updated.

I really hope that it isn´t true, but Joana was crying on the phone, let´s hope that the girl appears soon as possible.

The new was shown on the SBT Channel at samething like 6:10 pm (Brasilia/São Paulo/Rio de Janeiro GW Time)

" hope it doesnt effect his head " How could it not...?

Randy did it!

Damn i hope thats not true.

That sucks. Hope she is safe, so Belfort doesn't get all fked up pre-fight.

This is a damn shame. First of all I hope she has'nt been kidnapped or anything of that nature. If thats the case, that would be tough on anyone. Especially for an athlete training for one of the biggest fights of his carrer. This type of thing can de-rail his progress. Lets all hope she is safe and gets found.

I swear Vitor is jinxed. Bad water, parasite worm, severe laceration on his elbow, sister kidnapped(?). All these things before huge fights. Not sure about the water thing, might have been a joke. This might end up a reason for Vitor to not be 100% prepared... again.

Thats really too bad....for the fight and ofcourse the family too :( hope everything turns out good.

Damn hope they find her!!!

I hope they find her and that she's safe.

"Thigns can be mentally blocked out"

Not by Vitor.

If she has disappeared under mysterious circumstances, he damn sure shouldn't fight!

Please let her return unharmed ASAP!!!

How old is she?

Screw how he'll be for the fight! I just hope his sister is ok.

That really sucks, Hope she is found. Not only could this fuck up Vitors head it could make him pull out of the fight, but more importantly I hope she is found.


Damn, that is not good. i hope she is fine and return home soon.

Oh man that is so fucked up. I hope she's found safe and sound soon. Poor Vitor,he has had some bad luck,this is beyond that though. I agree with Mathew,something like that is not something one can block out. My prayers for a quick and happy outcome!!!

LOL @ bobsappfan, a true MMA fan. The only thing he's worried about is the fight and not his sister.

HonkeyStyle is correct.

Gary Hughes

Well i,m sorry to say that now i,m sure its true!

Just talked to friends in Brazil and apparently its big news there and no one knows where she is.

Shes Vitors little sister for those who wanted to know.

I hope shes safe and well


Horrible thing to happen.

Horrible that no one knows if she is okay or not.

Horrible because I have tickets to the show.

Horrible for Randy if Vitor decides to fight regardless and uses this as rage and comes out as the old Vitor.