"BELFORT VS COUTURE II...NOT IN JUNE has learned that the proposed fight between Randy Couture vs Vitor Belfort will not be held at UFC 48 as has been reported by a few websites.

Instead the third installment will have this fight scheduled for the summer at UFC 49. The event most likely will take place in September. (Could be August, but highly unlikely).

In their last fight a bizarre cut to Couture's right eye, due to a Belfort glancing blow....sliced the eye lid open and Couture could not continue. Vitor Belfort became the new UFC Light Heavyweight Champion as a results of the bizarre accident.

It now looks as though the rematch will happen, just not at UFC 48 as first thought. Look for the fight to happen in September at UFC 49."

How to I get to It won't work....

Why is he Cheator?? How and when did he ever cheat?

yeah you goon. how did he cheat? by throwing a punch?


He looks weak by not only barely winning (not his fault), but then delaying a rematch due to "what is important to him."

This would be Vitor/Couture III wouldnt it? Not II



GO TIME is delusional.

"GO TIME is delusional."

Yeah, but he's fun as hell. You guys need to learn to enjoy life more.

It's a shame because this puts the LH Title picture on hold for a little while.