Belfort's NoGi Shorts

I think this question was already asked but does anyone know where I can find the NoGi Shorts that Belfort wore against Tito? There's a nogi brand listed under but it's not the same one.

Thanks guys

No Gi Gear

NoGiGear and NoGiIndustries seem to go to the same place now...

Damn elusive shorts! My girlfriend really likes them too!
Thanks for the link rene.r!

I'm sponsored by them :)

AND Aguzzi is sponsored by them :)

I believe the link above is for Chris Brennan's company and NOT for the same NoGi gear Vitor was wearing.

Anyway we sell Chris Brennan's NoGi shorts at Kombat Arts in Mississauga.

Aguzzi, are you sponsored by the Chris Brennan one's or the Vitor one's? Why can't I find the ones Vitor was wearing?!?!?!? That's it, I'm going straight to the source...someone put me through to Mr. Belfort's office!!

I'm sponsored by Brennen's but I don't know if its the same company or a different one, no one really knows

Sounds like it's a different ones. Brennan's seems to have been first.

It could be similar to Gameness, where the US complany claims trademark of the brand and now manufactures in Pakistan, while the previous manufacturer in Brazil still uses the name (though they have recently begun using BGG, since the American owners have threatened all kinds of legal action here and in Brazil).

International trade laws is complex, boring stuff.

I have contacted the company in Brazil and inquired several times,I even wrote the e-mail in Porteguese,but they have not gotten their act together.I am going to keep trying and once I get some info I will post it on here.

Thanks for the research tappings. It's a shame that they couldn't capitalize on such great exposure. intends to carry the line but they also said the maufacturer is not up to speed.i bet after Vitor fight in the pride gp there will be enough demand and hopefully we can get our hands on them.Once again,Ill let u know as soon as i get any info

That the shorts? What about them are people finding so appealing? The cut? The lettering?

I'd say what'sssss under them sssssailor.....

In all seriousness rene.r, I think on the front of the shorts there's a hexagon in red (like a stop sign) but with the lettering NO GI in it. That and the colors of the shorts (blue and white) were what caught my eye. Since we're on the topic, do you have any suggestions for good board shorts?

In terms of quality or design?

I saw some at Fairview on the weekend for $70+ which looked nice, but that's expensive training that I'm guessing might not hold up long.

I have Sprawl, and they've served me well, but I understand some folks don't find the old ones flexible enough for x-training (though they have new flex-versions, and the Mir versions now as well).

I've also used some cheap Pointe Zero ones I got dirt cheap on sale. Looked plain, but cheap is cheap :)

Since No Gi (Brennan) supports Aguzzi, and since IMHO they look pretty good, and are running a 10% off sale, I may well try them next.

Thanks again for the advice rene.r. Sprawl is having a sale on the original shorts so I might check those out, just hope I pick the right size. I've been using some cheap American Eagle shorts that I got on sale a year or so ago. It's funny cause they look exactly like the old sprawls too and they've held up really well. It's just that yours truely has been losing his Latin booty and they're starting to be too loose=) Let me know how those Brennan no-gi's work out for ya.