Belfort's 'road to UFC 142' video diary

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                                Belfort's 'road to UFC 142' video diary

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                    <p>UFC&reg; 142 co-main contender Vitor Belfort lets us inside his training camp in this exclusive video series, Vitor Belfort: The Road to UFC&reg; 142. Get full access, and watch as The Phenom prepares for his bout against Anthony &quot;Rumble&quot; Johnson at UFC&reg; 142: Aldo vs Mendes. Tickets are still available for this historic event, live from the HSBC Arena in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, January 14.</p>


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War Vitor!!!

gotta go with johnson on this, vitor is going to get wrestle the fucked out of win

UfcSpyGUY - War Vitor!!!

You could have posted any two words on the planet except those, but no... You just couldn't resist.