Believing everything is a coincidence is a brain deficiency

The biggest objective failure of the education system is not reinforcing the principles behind causation and correlation - creating entire generations of people that go through life truly believing that everything is a coincidence. This becomes a brain deficiency of not understanding logic formulas which are similar to math equations once a person understands how they are applied.

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Logic has been suppressed in favor of emotion and feelings. Your feelings matter, regardless of what facts, science or logic dictates.

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This is the rhetoric of communists. Destroy your enemies’ logic. Part of the demoralization active measures.

The education system in US has failed on so many levels, we have changed curriculum and teaching methods to dilute and obfuscate the importance of math, science, english, history and civics in favor of liberal brainwashing to reinforce the theories of systemic racism and white privilege.

We’re seeing a reduction in the percentage of US citizens graduating colleges with engineering degrees.