Beliveing in Jesus like a child?

Is it allright to think of Jesus like a child would that he's a perfect and nice being that will forgive allmost anything? I read something in the Gospels that sounded like this am i correct or misunderstanding it. Sometimes i obsess over going to hell for lack of faith,sinning etc should i worry or just ask Jesus for comfort and try to think lightly? Im sorry if im not makeing alot of sense.

Don´t worry, warmonky.

I think that the big problem is if you don´t have good will to try to fix your flaws.

If you keep trying to do your best, nobody can ask you more, even if you fail.

Faith is something that is hard to achieve for many people, so it is not your fault if you don´t have it. Just keep praying for God. Ask Him to have strengh and wisdom, courage and patient, and above all, ask Him Love.

Love is all you need.

Sometimes i wonder if im just paranoid thinking about it so much.

One of my favorite passages. As well as His ways not
being our ways and our knowledge being like foolishness to him. I don't think it means so much focusing on his mercy as it does to be able to have faith without letting your rational thinking get in the way. Just because people cannot understand every detail about something does not mean it isn't true. A child believes in a parent and feels safe with them. Some people are so full of pride about their "knowledge" that they are incapable of faith.

warmonky, I went thru something similar two years ago. I eventually gave up the "fire and brimstone" and concentrated on God's mercy. I even collected a bunch of quotes from the Bible and other sources that focus on God's mercy. I can e-mail them to you if you want.

If you want, e-mail me. I can talk to you about what I went thru in detail, but I'm not ready to do it in a public forum. Be glad to do it privately though.

Not trying to overwhelm you with all these suggestions, just here if you need me.