Bellagio cup WPT comments on final hand

Well wanted your opinions on last hand Saul had QQ Matusow called with 78 clubs flop was 10 X 5 clubs 6 clubs

Saul lead out for 385K both players had millions behind mike shoved all in for over 2 million Saul instacalled.

Now Mike was a 56% fav to win but i think Mike could have called to see on card either making the str or the flush before shoving anyways it came blank blank and Saul won.

Wanted your comments on the hand.

i think it's a good play because of the times the shove makes your opponent fold and you pick up the pot outright and if he calls you're in great shape. making a big but not all in raise is also an option but i never call in this spot(in a cash game, who knows what i do at a wpt final table).

Yes but the pot was not big enough for that overbet not that i would ever fold but he could have played a smaller pot and had a card came off to see if he made his hand and Saul would have called with QQ anyways.

so what happens when you call and the turn is a blank, and he fires off a large bet and now you're a big dog?

MM played the hand perfect for the reason TQ gave. If he just calls and the turn blanks he looses a ton of equity. When MM shoves the flop he actually has a ton of fold equity. Of course Saul is never gonna be folding QQ but his range is very wide so shoving is profitable.

Its not like he chasing a gutshot or a two outer. He was a favorite a 12% favoirte with 7 high over QQ lol i dont think he played it wrong but for 385k he could have tryed to hit his hand and he wasnt folding on the river anyways...and what happened he went broke didnt he. Saul might have bet 5000k or 1 million on the turn allowing Matusow to see the river without going broke.

double post*

TIMEOUT Queen - Big Pete - and what happened he went broke didnt he.

too results oriented imo.

also how does mike go about getting paid off if he hits on the river?

No like i said he didnt play the hand wrong im not folding that at any point just wondered your opinion.

Im the last person thats results cant deal just get your money in good and he did.

TIMEOUT Queen - so what happens when you call and the turn is a blank, and he fires off a large bet and now you're a big dog?

 This is exactly right. Matusow's biggest equity in the hand existed on the flop. If the turn came blank, he was surely going to be facing a large bet without many outs. The standard play is to get your money in on the flop here, when you are a favorite over most of the hands your opponent is likely to be holding.

He got all the money in while he was the favorite.

Alternatives: Maybe a scare card comes later, or he hits the flush/straight and his opponent doesn't pay him off. Getting all your money in as a favorite is all you can ask in poker.

His all-in should have good fold equity, where anything except AA KK and QQ would probably fold. Maybe jacks would call too, if they were smart enough to put him on a draw instead of a sneakily played overpair.