Bellator 100 Does 700k Viewers

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Bellator 100 on Friday night drew 700K viewers and peaked w/ 797K viewers between 10:30-10:45p. Good numbers again. #mma #bellator #spiketv

Good show, was at a wedding all weekend and no access so I had to miss mma all weekend for the first time ever.


Glad it's working out on Friday, had my doubts.

Is that the best views yet? Phone Post

Ben Saunders - Is that the best views yet? Phone Post
You had some eyeballs on you, man! Phone Post 3.0

Good things. I couldn't watch live but I dvr it. Phone Post 3.0


Ben Saunders - 

Is that the best views yet? Phone Post

The best this season, the best in the new Friday night slot.

Last season peaked at 940k I think.

Bellator puts on some awesome fights Phone Post

Ben Saunders - 

Is that the best views yet? Phone Post

On Spike? No Every week in season 8 did more.

Bellator Season 8 TV Ratings
Thurs after TNA Impact

Bellator 85: 938,000 viewers
Bellator 86: 812,000 viewers
Bellator 87: 705,000 viewers
Bellator 88: 807,000 viewers
Bellator 89: 719,000 viewers
Bellator 90: 737,000 viewers
Bellator 91: 901,000 viewers
Bellator 92: 741,000 viewers
Bellator 93: 748,000 viewers
Bellator 94: 713,000 viewers
Bellator 95: 901,000 viewers

Moved to Wed, Summer Series Shows
Bellator 96: 480,000 viewers
Bellator 97: 679,000 viewers

Move To Sat for Season 9 Opener
Bellator 98: 437,000 viewers

Moved To Fridays for Rest of Season 9
Bellator 99: 660,000 viewers
Bellator 100: 700,000 viewers

So every show in Season 8 did more but that was with the Impact lead in.

This was the most watched since the move off Thurs.