Bellator 266 results & discussion

Davis looks good

Yeah this should be a 5 rounder


Big John is good buddies with Mike and he said it was actually the UFC that didn’t like it and didn’t want to use him. He said ufc doesn’t want” refs making it’s about themselves” … but then about a week later he totally contradicted himself abd said it’s the commission that makes him tuck it in, and not the UFC. Seemed like a weird backpedal like he got a call or something.

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Wow, Davis took him down

Yeah I’ve just recently seen Beltran in UFC and it was a huge surprise

I made a thread about it a while ago, but then a week or two later John said commission.

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Yoel needs to retire

Unbelievable the superior wrestler that never wrestles, getting wrestlefucked at the end of the fight by the inferior wrestler.

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Watching yoel fight is so frustrating.


It wasn’t a terrible fight

Just didn’t live up to each of their potential

Yeah Yoel shouldn’t keep doing this

I forgot that Phil Davis has never been finished.

What a garbage fight.

Davis is unwatchable. Romero can’t pull the trigger.

Yes very surprised seeing one of the worlds top wrestlers at one point being manhandled by Phil Davis

Think it’s because of the step up in weight??

I think it’s an excellent fight and shows that a guy like Phil Davis that is wrestling heavy and Yoel Romero a super wrestler that never wrestles, it shows you still should wrestle no matter what. It’s applicable fight wrestling vs a guy that goes for KO’s but is a superior wrestler.


That’s awesome! I thought he got KO’d once but no

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Like Jorge Gurgel who would stand with white belts

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Phil Davis is way more entertaining then Corey Anderson

Why does he have his phone???