Bellator 28 Free Tickets!

Looking for:
Content Writer
Read below to find out more information! is looking for someone who lives in New Orleans, LA that will be able to post round by round updates from Bellator 28. I will provide you with press credentials to get in and up close to the fights (cage side). There are three things that you must do for You must bring a laptop and camera/video camera. We ask that you give detailed information on the rounds along with scoring. We want a few pictures of the fight so we can post them on the site along with the post fight press conference. Here is what we did for Bellator 25 so you can get some ideas.
and Bellator 26

Please PM me your email with work that you have done in the past involving writing content. If you have not done anything professionally still apply and we will interview you.

Thanks, Jake!

ttt Phone Post

Thanks Deryck!

josh rafferty and rich clementi fightingon this card

ttt. What day is this?

brune90 - ttt. What day is this?

 i think its this thursday, the 9th

^Same day as the Saints vs vikings game in nola. what a stupid date to have the fights

Yes it is Thursday. Brune90 I cannot agree with you more. If anyone is interested in going please let me know. ASAP!



Hope someone from New Orleans sees this.

I was considering doing it but I will be at the game. I also had a resident with decent knowlege of MMA (minimal training) but a excellent writer lined up to email you. When I told him what day it was he just laughed and said that show ain't making no fucking money.

Best of luck to you on finding someone. You might want to try using someone from Clementi's gym. Im sure he might have some guys capable of handling the task

I'll be watching the game... I guess ReplayMMA will be skipping the event.

I shot pictures for ReplayMMA at Bellator 27 in San Antonio and had a blast! Nothing beats sitting on the apron of the cage and shooting all the action!