Bellator 299 Eblen v. Edwards thread (early start time)



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anybody watching LOL ?

I’ve got a wedding today so I’m missing this, ufc, and a lot of good CFB games sadly

Hell yea that main card looks fucking good.

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I’m watching and eating some delicious omelette. Ham and cheese yo


condolences to the groom

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wait a sec
zabit is fighting in bellator?
thought he retired due to health

just a relative that looks alike i guess

Hmmmmmmmmm OP Is walking Down The Aisle meow

I went for Dim Sum with the fam so missed the event :frowning: would have watched if not

Zabit Magomedsharipov - Wikipedia.




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dang that looked like 2 illegal kicks to the downed opponents face
2 points off? :slight_smile:

bjm just said 2 points is an option

there should be fines taken from the cheater and given to the victim

he won the fight, but thats damage to his chin which makes it weaker in future fights

Isnt Ward that same Boomer that Conor beat up at The Black Fork ?

Poor dude, old man Babene almost killed him

Fuck they replaced Thomson with Big John?? fucking aye

Mansour has lost all hype since the level of competition changed