Bellator 55 discussion

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                    <p><strong>Bantamweight Semi-Finals</strong><br />

Marcos Galvao vs. Alexis Vila

Eduardo Dantas vs. Ed West

Lightheavyweight Superfight

Travis Wiuff vs. Christian M'Pumbu

Feature Lightweight Fight

Steve Gable vs. Ricardo Tirloni

Local Feature Fights

Richard Hale vs. Carlos Flores

Jacob Ortiz vs. Edgar Garcia

Erin Beach vs. Roscoe Jackson

Nick Piedmont vs. Jade Porter

Steve Steinbeiss vs. Dano Moore

Cesar Avila vs. Efrain Escudero


 Best of luck to my training partners and friends Efrain Escudero, Edgar Garcia, Jade Porter, and Steve Steinbeiss. I'm hoping to swing out there since it's only a 3 hour drive.

Bellator TONIGHT
should be a great card, I'm very excited!


Excellent Card TOP to BOTTOM.

Best of luck to:

Ed West
Richard Hale
Jade Porter
Steve Steinbeiss
Efrain Escudero

ttt 3 hours till prelims on start


Alexis Vila is going to win this tournament, but hopefully he has to fight Eduardo Dantas in the finals.

Is this the same Efrain Escudero that won TUF?

Preview by UJ

Can they be viewed from the UK and how long until they start?

Thanks, it doesn't get much (none) advertising over here. I wont be able to watch the main card either because I can't get mtv2 in the uk. I'll try and find a stream but previously failed.

Steinbeiss really working this guy on the ground. Phone Post

And he gets the tap! Phone Post

8 seconds left! moore really toughed out that earlier triangle attempt though- that shit was deep.

Nice performance, love the outdoor venue.

i think porter gets the tko late this round...

>>guess not- thought he was getting close with those knees and elbows in the clinch.

Loving this guys, this is the first time i've watched Bellator. Anyone know if I can watch the main event in the UK?

Travis really hyped that fight huh?