Bellator Fan is a Byorn Redbey shill!

This dude is an obvious troll and a clear Redbey shill. He never puts down numbers with his posts and is a mindless Bellator shill. I love Bellator just as much as the next guy, but Bellator Fan needs to go. Got something to say broseph?

Who cares? Learning how to ignore people will improve your quality of life, on here and in general.

Wow you just totally exposed him Phone Post

It's just bullshit the guy walks onto the UG acting like he's got more heart than Phil fucking Baroni and everyone bows down like he's a living god. No one disrespects Phil and gets away with it, not some fucking Redbey or whatever the fuck his name is shill.

OnlyTheStrongSurvive - Wow you just totally exposed him Phone Post
I never expected bellatorfan...
How were we supposed to know ?
Thanks for doing what had to be done OP Phone Post 3.0