BELLATOR MMA 281: MVP VS. STORLEY tomorrow night!

Friday, May 13 at 4 PM ET/PT

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Classic striker vs grappler matchup. I’m not an MVP fan, so I hope Storley grapples him to death.

Anyone taking MVP?

Hell yea im going for MVP. I dont want no wrestler to win


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Good card.

Machida in co-main and Paul Daley in his retirement fight.

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War Weichel, Charlie Ward, Daley, MVP, Machida, Chadwick Enkamp and Fisher.

Will Conor storm the cage? :scream:

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Storley beat Gracie by points via stand and wang or wall and brawl right? It would be fun to see MVP catch him though. MVP also avenged his loss via decision if I remember right.

Has Storley ever been bopped on the chin before and recovered?

I am somewhat interest!

5’9 vs 6’3 height. Cool and weird fight.

Storley is boring. I think Page catches him.


Going to see this live at Wembley, can’t wait!

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That’s my boy Charlie!

Nice! Have fun hope MVP provides another epic KO for you to see live.


One of the best Wrestlers in MMA in Story! He might make it boring but he has got to watch out in the danger Zone and with MVP that zone is large!


You could say he’s on a highway to the dangerzone.

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