Bellator signings

Was really happy to see Bellator create an awesome LW GP by signing Usman, Musayev, Barnaoui, Shabliy, etc…

They also recently signed Magomedov, Meredith, Oliver and Kadimagomedov.

Stots vs Mix is the BW GP finals, they really made their name in that promotion. Something you start to see more and more of with some of the talent they have developed.


They could really build up a roster that has more talent than the UFC if they know what how to poach signings correctly. I’d already take Amosov over Leon Edwards at this moment


Yeah I would easily favor Yaroslav Amosov over Leon edwards. His last fight after taking so much time off he didn’t miss a beat. He was extremely impressive there. He won every minute of all 5 rounds

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I’d take Vadim Nemkov over Jamahal Hill too, even though Jamahal is a paper champ until he fights Jiri who has a win over Vadim


Do you have any idea how much money, time and brand building it would take to build up a roster with more talent than the UFC? I don’t think Bellator has had many profitable years as is. Ratings have never been great. Showtime is not doing great and that is their current home. Last year there were rumors floating around that they were looking to sell Bellator, perhaps they still are. I’m surprised its survived as long as it has in the market it has.

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All it takes is one Khamzat type dominant fighter to improve their brand. Their WW champ is already approaching Khabib’s undefeated record. The UFC does let some slip through the cracks like they did recently with Magomedkhabib Kadimagomedov

Did Patricio Pitbull do that for them? Chandler? What about Cyborg?

It takes a lot more than “one Khamzat type dominant fighter” to improve a brand enough so that it could rival the UFC. Give me a break.

I’m talking about talent, not branding. There are already Bellator champs that I would favor over UFC champs at this moment

His wrestling is sick. Ran through Kyle Dake in Tokyo.

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I see Pico returns on April 22nd vs 13-1 Otto Rodrigues.

Glad to see Pico bouncing back. Still think he can win the title in the next 12 months. Rooting for him to do just that.

Patricio has had the greatest career in the history of Bellator but Pico’s time is coming. Thats the title fights I’ve wanted to see forever.

When you say it takes one Khamzat type fighter to improve their brand that sounds like you are talking about branding.

You also said they could build their roster to have more talent than the UFC.

Thinking this or that Bellator champ can win a fight vs this or that UFC champ is a totally different subject than Bellator becoming bigger and more popular as a promotion than the UFC.

If a fight has interest from the hardcore fanbase, the casuals will eventually follow

Hardcores were interested in lots of IVC, Battlecade Extreme Fighting, RINGS, DREAM, K1 Heros, PRIDE, WEC, Bodog, IFC, Strikeforce and Affliction fights, among others.


It was interesting last year I got to be up close at both Bellator and UFC’s FW and LHW Title Fights.

And I have to say that at the top of their divisions there was not much difference in competition despite what people say. The difference comes in the depth the UFC has but at the top they seemed like the same level. Other than Volk he was by far the best fighter I’ve got see in recent years.

Good For Bellator

If they only had someone to watch while they’re being the loss leader.

Poor guy hasn’t approached the hype, but still young and still has the potential.

Bellator I believe has done a reasonable job of signing recognizeabke talent to get eyes on the product and tried to develop homegrown talent.

V. Silva

Those are names that will attract viewers. If I remember, the only ones to get championship matches were Tito and Cyborg, so they have done a good job of mixing the recognizeable talent and the homegrown talent.

The real problem is that when Bellator has a contract come open, the UFC is going to pay them if they really want them.

The Yoel vs Rumble fight would have been awesome