Bellator vs. CFA vs. Mike '300' Hayes- Who's faut?

Bellator vs. Mike Hayes vs. CFA

Bellator vs. Mike Hayes vs. CFA
The fight that never happened.  That is how we will remember 'Big Sexy' Sean McCorkle vs. '300' Mike Hayes. This exciting and pivotal matchup for the CFA was to happen this Saturday July 23rd before the situation got complicated.  Mike Hayes has been forced to withdraw from his participation in the main event for CFA 02 after receiving word from Bellator during fight week that they would not allow this fight to happen.  Mike Hayes although not fighting for Bellator since August of 2010 was still under contract.  He is allowed to fight in other shows but Bellator has the right to refuse the fight.  Bellator exercised said right only one week out from his fight with Sean McCorkle.  


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 ttt nice work, Chainsaw.

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I think everyone has to share the blame here.

Mike Hayes should have notified CFA of his prior agreements and gotten written permission from Bellator the second he signed to fight McCorkle.

CFA should have asked Hayes to get written permission from Bellator right away. If CFA didn't know about his Bellator agreement they still fucked up and should have done their due diligence.

Bellator comes off pretty slimy IMO. They should have told Hayes right away if they were not going to allow him to fight. To wait and inform him 1 week before, it fucks over Hayes and it seems like they are trying very hard to fuck over CFA.