Bellator's New Belts = Sweet

 Congrats to Bellator on their new Title belts.

These were made by my friend Orlando.

Check his site out at

Alot of work went into these, and once again Orlando produces some of the best and cleanist designed belts in the industry.

And any of you guys want news/info/recommendation on belts, feel free to check out my site

 Those are nice!!

 Awesome looking belts.

Joe Soto, Eddie Alvarez, Lyman Good, and Hector Lombard will appreciate those.


man, that is great work

Wow, those are the baddest looking belts I've ever seen. I want one.

 Holy shit those are cool.

 they look real nice

 Like seriously, those are fucking amazing.

Very nice belts

Nothing wrong with those. Very nice.

That middleweight belt is gonna look alot better once its over Lombards shoulder

I likes but I still think the Dream belts are fuckin amazing

Absolute gorgeous belts! Just stunning, the winners would dig them very much. XD

very nice. but they could have dropped those glass gems.

 Wow! those are awesome looking belts... Thanks PTSandman

Those look friggin awesome.

Almost as good as the WAMMA belt.

Funny you say that. WAMMA originally contacted Orlando to make their belts, but they had a short time period to get them done, and Orlando had other belts he was finishing up so he had to pass.

I really wish he did do the WAMMA belts, because I would guarantee they would have been 10000x better than the pieces of shit they got made by that notorious thief Johnny Najir.

Hopefully Yahir Reyes will be wearing one of those home tonight! He would be the first champion to ever come out of Tijuana!