Belt Demotion BJJ

I have a question...

I have train BJJ for 2 years. I have my blue belt. I stopped training 8 months ago because I went through the fire academy. I havent even touched a mat in that time. Im 30 lbs heavier (260)and my cardio sucks ass. Would it be stupid if I ask my teacher if I could go back to white belt until I get back to where I was? I dont feel as though I deserve the blue right now.

tell him how you feel. I know this happens often when switching schools, so who knows. He will probably just put your ass to work, though, and make you keep it. You earned it.

I'm definitely not as smart as I used to be and will deleting my university degree from my resume.

So your timing will be a little rusty, aswell as a refresh of your moves. will take a couple of weeks - so what. you were promoted to Blue belt because that where your level was. You wont be demoted due to weight aswell as time off. I seen students come back after 2 yrs. of no train & its like they never left. Keep your head up. Also, keep in mind, I see students get promoted to Blue, Purple, Brown , etc. & they feel like they are not ready. But in Fact, they are. You dont have to the BEST BLUE to start wear your Blue, no, if you think you need to destroy every Blue belt before you get to Blue, then my friend you would be ready for Purple. When everybody recieve their Belts its because they have reached the next level. then you tighten up over time, & work your way to the next step. Also, your professor would not give you belt if he didnt feel you Earned & deserve it. When you get back to training you will see.

I have never heard of anyone being demoted in BJJ. You'll find that it comes back to you pretty quickly after you've been back training.

The only time I've heard of a demotion is when someone changes schools and is not up to that instructors standards.  Even this is pretty rare and usually there is a big difference in skill level. 

no you should not go in wearing a white belt. Its disrespectful to your former instructor. And besides, who gives a shit if you get tapped? Tinguina said on the Tools of the Trade DVD thats the main difference between US and Brazilian students, the ego thing over being tapped to a lower belt. He said, and I quote, "its not uncommon for purple belts or even blues from time to time to tap black belts. Nobody makes a big deal about it, we just slap hands and continue training." You are a blue, so wear it and just concentrate on getting back into shape. Now if the instructor thinks you should wear a white belt then thats entirely different.

Agreed. Keep your blue on. It's not just about performance, the belt color is based largely on knowledge as well. Look at some of the old masters and black belts. They can't roll with the young guys anymore because of age and conditioning, but they are still worthy of their belts.