Belt Loosers

why in jiu-jitsu today are so so many guiys hung up on belt?? i got a purple in bjj but hardly train gi anymore am i still a purple? belts help track progression but its soo sad how guys think being a black belt s make you the best thing since sliced bread.. i know good and bad black belts same can be said for every other belt.

sooner people stop watching belts and worry about thier progression the better everyone will be.

and oh yeah.. no gi has nothing to do with bjj belts..

so befroe you think im just hating. i make to be sure everyone know i love jiu-jitsu the sport in the gi from brasil with thopse rules.. people here grapple ther has never been a BJJ event in canada, nothing wrong with that but i just wanted to state the facts for the BJJ zommbies out there :)

jiu-jitsu is an art just like painting or karate or whatever else you like doing its sad belt are now supposed to measure how tough you are. becasue that is so not the reality of things..

could ber the way BJJ was marketed to the gringo's by rorion "the unbeatble style" stigma still kinda hangs thick in the air which is why sometime i go around with no belt and get this demeaning look form some hardcore blue belt who doesnt know me :) i love it..

people b ereal do your thing and let the players play..

At my club we have no belts. Just the ones you wear with your gi to use on days when we use gis.

But I don't think there is anything wrong with belts. They help a lot of people. Maybe it's the person not the belt that is the problem.

By the way, congrats on the purple.


i think belts are okay too but its just how people somehow feel the belt automaticaly makes the man..

someone is on vent

not really it just kinda hit me after listening to some guys over the weekend, plus reading all the crap on the bocek vs hollanda thread.. i just found it kinda gay people would favour either guy based on their belt in another style.

i definately agree that a lot of ppl are too hung up on belt colour....i think it's great when someone is very deserving of a belt and finally gets it..but i find that ppl (often people who are new to bjj) are focused on getting the blue instead of getting better

I have a black belt from wal-mart.

It's leather.



A belt can help you set goals. 


ideally thats what it should do .. but most people dont look at it that way. how many blue belts do you know who get mad if they tap to white belts?:)