Belt Promotions question???????

OK this guy was a blue belt and his black belt instructor ( a highly regarded BB) fail him on an exam to get promoted to purple. The guy goes and bitches and complains about it to the senior BB and saying that he has won all this tournaments and that he deserves his purple.

His instructor said no, but the main BB still gave it to him.

I think that this guy is a piece of scum and does not deserve his belt for disrespecting his instructor and he does not have the technical abilities of a purple belt.

Comments anyone, please!!!!


Regardless of his abilities, I dont think he deserves the purple. You get it when your instructor thinks you are ready IMO.

Some people think they are better than they really are. Tournaments are a very small indicator for promotion in my opinion. There are some really strong people who can get top position and hold you there and not do anything the entire 5 minutes and win the match. They may never in 100 years be able to tap you, but they will win on points. Some people have to wait for a mistake or an opening to get a sub, in a timed match that may not be possible, especially if the guy is one of those lay and pray guys. It is very difficult, even if you are skilled, to submit a guy who's only intent is to pin you there and ride out a victory. For as much grief as Rorian gets on here, I think his ideas for tournaments are pretty good.

that sounds like an awkward situation.

Kick him out definately.

The guy is on an ego trip and does not desserve purple even if he was at that level.

My question is why didn't the senior BB respect his instructor enough to back him up on his decision?

Your friend is training for the wrong reasons.

Yeah, that guy doesn't deserve the purple if he's so obsessed with chasing the next color. He needs to leave his ego at the door and realize HIS OWN instructor WILL promote him when he sees fit. But now, he deserves to be kicked out... or choked out, at least! ;^)

I would hope the instructor kicked him out of the school and had a long talk with his boss about promoting people under him who he believes isn't deserving.

shady situation.

If I was the BB that failed the guy, I would have told the senior BB to fuck off and train else where.

having to pass an exam to get a belt is teh gayest thing ever.

"My question is why didn't the senior BB respect his instructor enough to back him up on his decision? "

That is indeed the question.

The non-senior BB is put in a bad position because his teacher won't support his decision. Situations like this can cause good people to leave organisations.

If there's more to the grading failure, like personality issues between the black belt and the guy that failed, the guy that failed needs to move on - but it doesn't sound like that's what happened.

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not to get off subject, but I don't even really post a lot and that was your first post in 3 years of being a member. I guess you just like to read the posts.

Anyway, people need to realize that it isn't the belt that makes you better.

Well, I'll be honest and share something that I'm familiar with, the situation is similar to the posted thread, but there's a small twist, you see, the instructor in my scenario is a newly promoted brown belt and his student submits him regularly, and then goes on to win major tournements around the country, the Senior Black Belt recommends promotion to the instructor for the blue belt, the instructor over an extended period of time makes excuses as to why the blue belt isn't ready, meanwhile the blue belt continues to train and win tourneys, the Senior Black belt again says promote him and the instructor makes more excuses, enjoying the accolades of having such a great student, as his student body increases, so the blue belt sees other members being promoted and guess what? They don't have to pass any test or compete, so he calls the Senior Black belt to inquire what the school standards are and he's told that he's being passed over intentionally by the newly promoted brown belt instructor and that he is now ready to intervene, the Senior also asked that the blue belt stay at the school and not leave and train elsewhere. So perhaps this is the reason why the Senior sided with the blue belt in the other post as well, because some instructors are jealous of their students success. So, I just wanted to share this with you guys before you start taking sides, there's a reason why the Senior black belt intervened, and the blue belt didn't ask to be promoted, he just asked for clarification. This didn't happen in my school, but I train with a blue belt on occasion to whom this happened.

Dave Jacobs,
I'm not a KKM I've been in the forum since the days of

This is a legit question and you're the senior man in here (Belt wise) I was wodering if you could enlighten us Mr. Black Belt!!!

I'm not trolling or just trying to make argument I was looking for opinions and comments.


I know someone just like that. He is an amazing player and a goood purple belt on any given day. Keeping him at blue so he could make the school look good was ridiculous. Especially when he was smoking the instructor with technique on the mat.

Sounds like a crappy situation to be in.