Belterra Casino,Indiana KotcNov 20

This will be a great show to see, there is only 1600 seats in the building. There isn't a bad seat in the house .We will be bringing some big guns in for this show. Can’t wait to get it on.

                          Main Event

           Shione Carter VS. Buddy Clinton

                            Co. Main

            Don Richards VS. Travis Fulton

           Gary Myers VS Jodie Puff

      Stonnie Dennis VS. Jeremey Bolt

                Jeff Cox VS. Shaw Huffman

           Dave Stone VS.Andre Garcia

            Eli Ayars VS. Aitor Canup

            Jake Short VS. Suyan Queiroz

         Jessie Chilton VS. Travis Burnette



Just some news : Buddy just got his black belt from Royce Gracie: He will be walking  him to the Cage .Plus will be taken pic's at the show. Don't miss your chance to met the man himself.





You know to keep my guys in mind! I can send you some names of the guys I would like to get in this show.

Some are alreayd fighting in October!

I will be in touch,

Dustin Ware

ttt, get in touch with Mike Camp! Get some home state boys on the card.



Corey-call me at the office.

corey fischer kotc,

Here are the guys I know will want to get in there:

Braden Workman / 185lbs

Josh Souder / 155lbs

I may have more after this next KOTC!

Dustin Ware

Josh Sauder vs. Tom Kirk would be a great fight!!!!

Mike Camp,

I agree!

Lets see what happenes at his fight aginst Jason Dent on 10/23..... & go from there.

Also, Mike is "Doug Stone" your guy? I thought his names was "Dave"??? Also, his fight aginst Braden is at 185lbs, is Dave that heavy?

Talk to you later,

Dustin Ware


yea what is it dave or doug mike?


ttt, get Angelo on there he deserves it.


I also have these two NEWBIES:

Mike Keys / 145lbs / 0-0

Eric Ramsey / 155lbs / 0-0

I will be in touch,



it is indeed Dave Stone. He would prefer to fight at 170 but KOTC an hour away from home was too good to pass up! He will be that heavy though.


Get em Angelo!

LOL...I'm tryin! Thanks guys!