Belt's and Gi's

Well, if you want to get technical about it--why does a gi open like an unbuttoned shirt or zipperless-jacket? Why not make them like a hoodie of sorts, and eliminate the need of the belt?

Any match I watch, the jacket is immediately pulled open, gets in the way, and belts go all over the place, and often fall off.

Gi's should switch to the one-piece closed-top, IMO, and end the need for all the clothing tomfoolery.

but then you wouldnt me as technical

Well, are the belts purely decorative, because they certainly, in my experience and observation, are not functional.

Not to mention, with all this talk about "realism" and fighting guys in speedos, I have yet to see a fight where one says:

"Hey mate, unzip your jacket or unbutton/split your shirt so we can get this scrap on properly."

"when i used the gi i choked people with my belt a few times"

LOL. That's awesome, but hardly its intended use! I would like to see that, but that said, you may as well have carried in a 32 inch rope and stuck it in your waist band.

"As a bouncer I love t-shirts for gi chokes. Next to that a demin jacket. I tried to gi choke a guy in a leather jacket but had to stop when the zipper started to cut his neck. I think a Gi helps to develop those skills."

Wouldn't a one-piece gi-top develop those skills? Surely the open gi didn't aid your t-shirt choke--did it?


There´s a great North South escape to armbar that uses your foot in their belt.

As for using the gi, the collar of the Gi is similar to quite a few jackets. Very few people (other than dealers) walk around a club with their jacket done up to the neck.

Also, many people have a belt on their jeans or trousers that can be grabbed.

The main point of Gi training is the friction and the handles it gives you. The Gi is made from a very thick strong material just to stop it ripping from repeated training. If you used street clothes you would go through them at a rate of knots.

Good post Cockney.

In judo and jiu-jitsu the lapel and collar are both used. A hoodie would not provide lapel techniques. Also form a safety standpoint I would not want a solid ring of fabric around my neck while grappling. Chokes would become garrote strangulations.

In BJJ we use the belt all the time.

-passing the guard (reach underneath to grab and roll opponent over)
-securing knee on belly
-many sweeps from guard and half guard
-grips for throws
...and more

What if you're a business man. Training in a Gi would help if Johnny in accounting was trying to nail your wife.

" What if you're a business man. Training in a Gi would help if Johnny in accounting was trying to nail your wife."

How do you even think of this? Funny...

I don't get it.

This is a silly thread...and lol at Checkuroil

Bob from accounting IMO

Charlie Bronson Carried a rope!

"This is a silly thread..."

Yes, it is. But so are the threads that criticize no-gi instructors who award belt-rankings since "no belts are even worn."

I had CUO in mind when I wrote the first post. LOL.

"Charlie Bronson Carried a rope!"

And he is a bad man. TTT for the rope!

"you can wrap the bottom edge of your gi and tie up wrists to set up shit and choke people with it ."

Rener did this numerous times in the Pro-Am competition several years ago. There is a great quote--I believe from Mayhem, in this video, something like:

"Damn. My ass got gi-choked in a no-gi competion. Now that's some shit."

I had CUO in mind when I wrote the first post.

You have no dedication. I think about checkuroil every moment of everyday. Whenever I need to make a decision I stop and ask myself, What would checkuroil do?