Does your school just surprise you with your belt or do you have to register for a belt testing day? Saw a post for a school today that said pre register for belt test day today. Spots filling up fast. Phone Post 3.0

Both of my instructors are purple belts, so we don't get promoted until Royce comes to town. He usually promotes based on performance and talks with the coaches about what kind of student you are. And most of the promotions are a surprise. Phone Post 3.0

At the school I attend you are usually given a bit of a heads up prior(maybe a month or so).

One day you show up and have to "run the gauntlet". There is a grappling match with everyone in attendance(you start every match from bottom cross side or bottom mount). Next the instructor pairs you up with three selected students where they have boxing gloves and are to strike(about 75%) and you have to get to clinch/takedown w/o striking. Two of these start from standing while the last starts from the ground, may be from guard, side control, mount. It is all up to the instructor.