Ben Affleck new cuck movie

This one shows her tits in the movie

Gotta be worth an extra point

it is a good movie. On hulu

She is a great actress. I was soooo fucking upset… so she sold it to me anyway

Watched it last night and of course the best part is she’ll of course shows her tits and Affleck buried his face deep in her ass. The movie was that good the whole movie is her bring her new boy toy to parties with thier friends showing her how he’s a Cuck and him give wierd faces and threats to her needs boy toys and killing them.

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Mrs medic replied: “shut up and clean, Cuck!”

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She was a Bond girl. She fine Several soup threads about her.

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How many of you dudes would put up with her stepping out if it meant being with her - and not fucking up your kids and assets

She’s hot and crazy in bed…

Imploze?i bet there is a bunch of chucks on here that would put up with it

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If no kids I could hopefully just see her as a slut and do her. The whole showing me off as a cuck I couldnt do. I’d have to be able to keep feelings and gay stuff like that out of it.

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watched the movie. she has really great nipples.


I will never tolerate disloyalty.

I have nothing but disgust for people who would.

Weakness is nothing to celebrate.

Haha of course not. But it’s probably worth a watch for her. Probably like we watch The Punisher haha

I predict a few OGers suing for their unauthorized biography being made into a film.

i’m not much for kink, but i can get most fetishes. i do not understand the cuckold fetish. at all.


It’s all in the power dynamic. Some men have been programmed to associate love with humiliation and cruelty. They gravitate towards women who treat them poorly and disrespectfully. If they don’t get that then it doesn’t register as love in their brain. Weird shit

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Well said. This cuck fantasy or kink doesn’t surprise me anymore than dudes into feet

how’d you watch it? i went to prime and put in deep water and ben affleck movies and got no results

You’re drunk. Maybe Lopes but not Rocky… C’mon man…

RIP Primewire


It’s on Hulu in the US.

Amazon internationally.

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