Ben Askren Calls Hieron a Fool, Talks Lima Fight

I talked to Ben Askren about how close his fight with Hieron was at Bellator 56. Ben never holds back in an interview and is always refreshingly honest. Here is some clips from the video interview that can be seen on the link to US Combat Sports.

“I thought he was acting like a fool when he was celebrating because I knew I won,” said Askren. “But I still wasn’t happy with my performance. And then it took me a week to watch the fight just because I didn’t have the internet. So after I watched the fight I was like what’s he complaining about. I won for sure.”

On Lima

“From what I heard Ben Saunders was winning up until he got knocked out. You know it’s pretty obvious that Douglas hits hard. He definitely hits harder than anyone I’ve fought before and has a lot of KO’s…so obviously I got to be aware of that. And he’s supposed to be good at jiu-jitsu, but I’m pretty comfortable there. I think the one area he struggles is his wrestling and that’ll obviously be my strength. So he’ll either have to get his wrestling better or he’s going to lose the fight.”

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