Ben Askren gives suplex defense (vid)


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Simple effective tips, nice vid

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Someone should show this this Vince pichel Phone Post

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Just keep tapping the R button. If done right, you will frantically kick your legs in mid air, move down, and automatically suplex the other guy.

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Vinc Pitchel needed this about a week ago Phone Post

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abodyfarm - Askren hasn't fought anyone. He has zero striking. MacDonald is bigger and stronger and waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more skilled. Rory would just totally destroy him. Wouldn't even be close.

While this may he true, Askren wipes the floor with him wrestling and it wouldnt even be close Phone Post

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cyberc92 - 
abodyfarm - Would love to see Rory MacDonald destroy Askren

LOL Askren would run a wrestling train on MacDonald.

yes he would

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TTThank you for the vid.