Ben Askren in the UFC

With regards to Ben Askren in the UFC, How do you predict he would do against the following guys :

Georges St Pierre
Diego Sanchez
Jake Ellenberger
Josh Koscheck
Johnny Hendricks
Carlos Condit
Siayr Bahadurzada
Rory MacDonald

Which of these fighters do you think he for sure would take out without any doubt, which ones do you think he would have even odds with and would have to really struggle to win against and which one of these UFC WWs do you think he would be the least likely to win against ?

And in general, is everyone here pretty much completely convinced that wrestling remains the strongest base for MMA, and that it's largely because elite level wrestlers - as in collegiate and Olympic wrestlers - train so much more intensely and just have so much more grit and pure fighting skills than elite level competitors in karate, Judo, BJJ, Boxing, Kickboxing and Tae Kwon Do ?