Ben Askren to Compete in Wrestling PPV

Agon Wrestling I to Give Amateur Wrestling an MMA-Style PPV Card

On October 27, 2013, in Las Vegas, amateur-style wrestling will go professional as Agon Wrestling Championships holds its first pay-per-view card on Bloody Elbow presents promotional video for the main event between Ben Askren and Quentin Wright.

Around the time of the first Metamoris, a pay-per-view card featuring no gi grappling between some of the world's greatest submission artists, prominently featuring stars of mixed martial arts, I wondered why amateur wrestling could not stage the same sort of marquee event for its own sport. After all, MMA is loaded  with decorated amateur wrestlers, and this country has plenty of Olympic team/world team hopeful wrestlers waiting for a chance to make money plying their trade.

As things would turn out, just such an event will soon come to pass. In eleven days, in Las Vegas, at the Rio Hotel and Casino, Agon Wrestling Championships will hold the first of a series of pay-per-view wrestling cards. The card features four bouts, each between highly decorated amateur wrestlers, with each match including one current MMA fighter. The rules, which you can view here, consist of a hybridization of modern American folkstyle and freestyle wrestling rules.

Agon's main event will pit a pair of two-time NCAA champions and four-time All-American wrestlers against one another: current Bellator welterweight champion and 2008 Olympian Ben Askren versus Penn State stand out and 2016 Olympic hopeful Quentin Wright.

The remainder of the card appears as follows:

Nick Simmons, 4x NCAA All American, 5th in the world in 2011 vs Stephen Abas, 4x NCAA All American, 3x NCAA champion, 2004 Olympic silver medalist.

Jordan Oliver, 4x NCAA All American, 2x NCAA champion vs Lance Palmer, 4x NCAA All American, NCAA finalist.

Jay Borchell, 2x NCAA All American, NCAA champion vs Aaron Simpson, 2x NCAA All American.

The pay-per-view stream will be provided by people at Flowrestling, who were kind enough to share this promotional video with Bloody Elbow.

Good to see some recognizable names, but I find it hard to believe that a wrestling PPV is going to do very well

If it's 9.95 or less I'd buy it.

Pay per view.

Hmmm. So exactly how much are they paying people to view it? Phone Post 3.0

I wouldn't watch it if it was free.

Might watch if it was free I wouldn't pay for this though but hope it does well Phone Post

Didn't they want to remove wrestling from the Olympics because no one watched it?

Looks promising! Phone Post 3.0

I hope they come up with a logical price for such an event, I'd love to pay and watch. Phone Post 3.0


I'll pay about three fitty. Phone Post 3.0

MrZipplokk - 

If it's 9.95 or less I'd buy it.

Last time Askren had a marquee comeback it was against Jake Herbert who was either fresh off of or going into his world silver medal. Askren was fighting at the time.

Askren absolutely manhandled him.

I'm juiced for this! It's always cool to watch these level of guys just go at it! Phone Post 3.0