Ben Askren Training at Evolve MMA Video

Ben Askren recently spent a couple weeks training at Evolve MMA in Singapore. For those unfamiliar with Evolve, it is recognized as the top gym in Asia, and is home to what is undoubtedly the greatest collection of Muay Thai coaches in the world. Check out this cool video on the Evolve MMA blog which gives an inside look at his time spent training there. FYI, the guy holding pads for Ben is none other than Muay Thai legend Namsaknoi.   

Evolve is amazing. Shinya Aoki agrees.


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Hopefully he can teach them some wrestling too Phone Post

Ben worked with the Evolve Fight Team on some wrestling for MMA techniques. Also, Evolve MMA has Heath Sims as the head of the wrestling and MMA now. Most in the wrestling and MMA world are familiar with Heath, but for those who aren't he is a 6 time US National Wrestling Champion and Greco Roman Olympian. They are building a very well rounded and complete program at Evolve.