Ben folds five debut album was a masterpiece

Most people started with them on the second album when Brick came out.  The first cd is amazing, every song.  Not one clunker





Agreed gritty. Love ben folds


I feel like OP is fighting the battle of who could care less.

Girly thinks Rockford Files is cool

I might check it out tonight. Thanks 

Got nowhere but home to go. Got Ben Folds on my radio right now

drywallerdave -

I might check it out tonight. Thanks 

Full album here.  I never listened to him really once he went solo.  



"Girly thinks Rockford Files is cool"

The theme song was cool.

Doo-doo... do, do, do. Doodaloodadoo, dooo dooo dooo dooo....

Ben Folds Five... lol

"The theme song was cool."

Yes it was Pedro, yes it was.

i bought the 2nd album when it came out...i never really followed them since

here is a oldie



The first couple of albums were great. Very original. Man the 90s has some great bands. 


OP has Low T


Mark my words 





Anyone who likes early Ben folds should check out early Ben kweller .  He was really young when he made this




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OP has Low T


Mark my words 





Yeah, his taste in music has a very high limp-wrist factor.