Ben Fowlkes joins and USA TODAY and USA TODAY are proud to announce the hiring of Ben Fowlkes as our MMA columnist.

Fowlkes, a veteran MMA journalist, begins his full-time employment today.

His contributions will appear online at and, and he'll also contribute to the print edition of USA TODAY., the four-time World MMA Awards "Best Media Outlet" winner, also occasionally will feature Fowlkes on our flagship radio program and podcast, Radio, with hosts George Garcia and Brian Garcia. Fowlkes also will continue co-hosting his own weekly show - The Co-Main Event Podcast - alongside ESPN's Chad Dundas.

"This is a milestone hiring for us," USA TODAY senior MMA editor/ editor-in-chief Dann Stupp said. "We've assembled a phenomenal staff of full-time journalists and freelance contributors over the past few years. But when USA TODAY allowed us to hire the best MMA writer and columnist we could find, Ben was undoubtedly our first choice. He's a phenomenal talent in our industry."

Fowlkes previously has written for, and, among others. He was a finalist for "Journalist of the Year" at the 2011 World MMA Awards, and is also a published fiction writer with an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Montana. His work now will appear exclusively on and USA TODAY, as well as a few third-party magazines.

"When it comes to MMA news and sharp on-the-scene reporting, has long been the go-to source for fans and even fellow journalists," Fowlkes said. "That's why I couldn't be more excited about the chance to work with a group of people I've admired from the outside for a long time. Joining the staff there, as well as at USA TODAY, is an excellent opportunity for which I'm very grateful. I'm looking forward to working with and learning from this great team of true professionals."

Fowlkes will remain based out of Missoula, Mont.

Congrats Ben! One of my favorite MMA journalists and podcast co-host. Always enjoy reading your articles. Phone Post


The best MMA journalist out there IMO.

 Congratulations Ben!


Congrats Ben Phone Post

TTT for Ben Phone Post

Good shit. Congrats Ben. Phone Post

Congrats man. Phone Post

good for him, im guessing he left mmafighting for a better payday. Heres to hoping that he does some video content for mmajunkie because that website really needs it.

Congrats to Ben. He's probably the best in the biz.

Congrats to Ben...always overshadowed at MMAFighting Phone Post

 Congrats to Ben.  I thought he was underused at MMA Fighting.

Frank Gallagher - 

Mma journalist = oxymoron Phone Post

 Frank Gallagher = MORON!

Ben has a Masters Degree in Journalism, clearly he's more than just a part-time blogger. He's a professional. Give the man some respect!

The best in the business, although i will miss his banter with Helwani.

Check out his podcast too, its fooking brilliant.

 Congratulations! Should work out awesome for all!

Congrats to Ben. Great writer, great podcast. Hoping he brings some video content to his new home, the MMA Wrap Up and preview vids with Helwani will be missed.


The best MMA journalist out there IMO.

John Morgan by far. Phone Post

Stupp, Morgan, Marrocco, Erickson and Fowlkes.

Since the USA Basketball team didn't plow through the opposition like the 1992 team, i declare the above, "Dream Team 2012."


I'm gonna miss him and Ariel going at it. Phone Post