Ben Henderson's Game Plan VS Frankie Edgar

If we could leave discussion of the legitimacy of the outcome/accuracy of the decision aside for a minute, it would be nice.

What has left me really puzzled is some aspects of Ben Henderson and his team's gameplanning - and how their wrestling matches up. If someone with a better technical analysis could help me understand some aspects of it I'd be thankful.

- Bendo had tremendous success with switching to Southpaw and the calf kicks in the first round - Frankie wasn't having much success catching them, was being damaged/knocked down, did not seem able to counter them well - why did Ben cease/limit these, even when his corner advocated for more?

- Why did Bendo not shoot for more takedowns, or attempt to engage in more of a dirty boxing/knees in the clinch against the fence/level changes on the fence/clinch takedown strategy? Bendo's trips are great, he is a significantly bigger man, and I expected him to have the upper hand in the clinch. I understand it is hard to pin Frankie due to his movement, but there didn't seem to be (m)any attempts by Bendo to do this.

- Would Bendo would have had success implementing the Thai Plum into his gameplan? Even if he is not primarily a MT practitioner, I would have thought successfully getting a thai clinch on Frankie could have been devastating with Bendo's size advantage and the power in his legs.

- Is Bendo's double/triple jab primarily used as a feeler/rangefinder? Is him not retracting it fully/snapping it just at the elbow poor technique or a reasoned, conscious choice? If the latter, why?



ttt for insight