Ben Rothwell vs Schaub or Big Nog in August

I think the Big Nog fight might be winnable for Big Ben but imo Schaub will beat him due to the speed advantage.

source: mmamania

Good times.

the day big nog loses to ben rothwell will be sad day for mma Phone Post

I really don't want Nog's ghost to be another stepping stone on the title march of Brandon Schaub. Russow would probably make him look like dogshit, book that.

 No interest whatsoever in seeing Nog fight guys who never were and never will be top dogs.

I would like to see Nog vs Crocop 2 and than retirement for both.

Can't see why Rothwell vs Schaub makes sense. Schaub needs to fight a top contender next. Phone Post

I predict that Rothwell does an interview before the fight where he tells us we are about to see "a totally new Ben Rothwell". He will then gas early in the second after looking unimpressive in the first and lose a UD.